DSDJ :: Deaf Studies Digital Journal

Issue 4, Spring 2014

      Manny Hernandez
      From Washington, D.C.
      Mario Hernandez, better known as MannyASL, is a professional ASL storyteller and is very much a natural storyteller for children as well. MannyASL, a Brooklyn native, knows how to establish rapport with children of all ages instantly and make them laugh with his wide eyed antics. He is an expert in translating the text into the ASL register children and adults can understand, especially when he demonstrates links between ASL, the pictures and English print in the book. He also teaches children and adults how to create stories in ASL, one that combines both motion and emotion; how to develop their interest in sharing ASL stories of their own; how to improve their rhythm and clarity of intent. So they can see what the story means making the literacy event more enjoyable. MannyASL and Raymond Luczak, (www.raymondluczak.com) the film maker, website designer, author, poet and an agent, together developed a DVD called Manny ASL: Stories in American Sign Language. He plans to continue presenting his ASL stories on DVD as a way of preserving Deaf Culture in America, and is currently working on another DVD. MannyASL received his BA in Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University and studied Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language at Columbia University. Currently, he teaches ASL at the Catholic University of America and provides advanced workshops in ASL storytelling for children and adults. His motto is “storytelling ignites the power of knowledge.” He lives in Washington DC with his family.

Contributions from Manny Hernandez: