DSDJ :: Deaf Studies Digital Journal

Issue 4, Spring 2014

      Janis Cole
      From Annapolis, Maryland
      Janis Cole, (M.Ed) Culture, Language, Literature & Literacy educator and consultant; ASL/English interpreter/translator, Diversity Facilitator, Community Forum leader, Creative arts consultant, professional actor, director and producer and currently as CEO, LesDeux2 Productions. Currently, she is an adjunct professor at Gallaudet University in the Department of Interpretation and Translation and currently a Phd candidate, Translation/Interpretation at Gallaudet University. She was a faculty member with the ASL/Deaf Studies Dept at Gallaudet University and has done work at Boston University with the ASL/Deaf Studies/Deaf Education Program for 20 years as instructor and coordinator of Undergraduate Deaf Studies department. Janis was one of the team members with Todd Czubek of The Magical Literacy Camp (TMLC), a groundbreaking program designed to revolutionize perceptions and practices in ASL and English literacy instruction.

Contributions from Janis Cole: